Tuesday, August 11, 2009

THE SLEEPING EYE officially released

Record was officially released in all formats last week.

Get it on CD or LP here:

Get it from iTunes here:

FTW press (UK/EURO, limited to a few hundred I believe) LP available here:
more info here:
and here:

The Cyclopean 2xLP press is hereby OOP.

Monday, July 6, 2009


The last hundred or so of the Cyclopean press of the 2xlp are now available here. While supplies last...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


If you live in Europe or the UK, your press of "The Sleeping Eye" is currently in production. You can find out all there is to find out at www.fulltiltworld.blogspot.com or www.myspace.com/fulltiltworld.

Cyclopean's 2xLP is close to out of press, though I couldn't tell you how close, nor could I tell you how to get a copy. Ask them I suppose.

"The Sleeping Eye" will be available digitally in full official mastered capacity next Tuesday, I assume from wherever quality mp3s are bought.

Concerning the recent situation on the East Coast: Iron Age would like to thank Ian, Greg, Andy, Ben and Chris in Prov., and great friends Mind Eraser and Sex/Vid and also Failures along with all friends who came out, etc...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cyclopean mail order sold out/Tee Pee Recs/International

O.K.: you may have noticed Cyclopean stopped taking preorders for the 2xLP last week. I'm assuming those should be shipping early this next week if they haven't already. If you didn't get a copy, they will be available at Iron Age's upcoming performances (Sunday w/Harvey Milk and EHG, next month on the east coast) until they're gone.

Then: "The Sleeping Eye" will get a full release this summer from Tee Pee Records, hitting stores in CD and LP formats August 4th. The complete and fully mastered version (not some bootleg unmastered bitch version) will be available digitally June 23, I believe. Our foreign friends should keep an eye out for a Japan CD press on Alliance Traxxx and an OZ/NZ CD press on Stained Circles. There should also be a small UK/Euro press of the LP available at some point, but that's all I really know. More info on all that soon.

Um, what else? Guess that's it.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Then again...

we wouldn't be having this problem if you were here:

Iron Age-The Sleeping Eye record release show recap from Livin' Proof on Vimeo.

Would we?

haha i'm playin!


concerning mailorder issues, from a national hardcore messageboard:

"Very sorry for the confusion, the first 40-50 orders that came in today didn't get charged for shipping. Paypal wasn't charging anybody anything when we had separate shipping rates, so I called my webdude and he just applied a flat worldwide shipping rate to even it out for everyone. If I understood technology then I might have some more answers for ya, but its a miracle i have even found my way on this board in the first place. All orders inside the US will be sent priority mail to make up for the abnormal shipping costs. Thanks for being patient, I'll get to emailing all of you back as soon as i find time. Jason/Cyclopean"

Anyway, record still available, go to town.